Self-taught painter, born in Philadelphia, 1961

I am a mixed media artist. Using color and line, I create atmospheric paintings that convey feeling. I enjoy uniting fragmented forms and marks into a cohesive whole and try to do this in a free way so as not to be overly concerned with adhering to a particular visual style. Any visual consistency naturally occurs from years of alternating between certain combinations of mediums as well as the harmony I feel while painting. Most often I relax into painting with music that moves me in some way. I might listen to ocean sounds. Sometimes I work in silence.

I have been fascinated with color and line since childhood. Spatial relationships intrigue me along with the endless possible effects achieved through the layering of colors and mediums. I use an intuitive approach in my work. I am aware of many forms that emerge while painting--I may leave them as they appear or gently layer over them. The finished work usually surprises me with things I was not aware of while painting. This element of surprise is part of what compels me to paint.

In addition to painting, there are others forms of creativity I enjoy which involve a hands-on approach. These include crocheting with wire, leather and fabric remnants; three dimensional wood assemblages; collaged pieces on a variety of surfaces which may or may not incorporate painting; wire and bead figures; small scale abstract and figurative sculptures in mixed media, earth and/or paper clay; beaded hanging pieces. 

background image courtesy Guy Lyman Fine Art, NOLA - used with permission